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All About Forever Sauna Heaters

Saunas have become increasingly popular over the past few years thanks to their undeniable positive effects on physical and mental health. A sauna can help you sweat out toxins, reduce stress levels, lower blood pressure, and keep your immune system strong. A sauna session can also help you reduce joint stiffness and muscle soreness.
One of the key ingredients of a comfortable and efficient sauna is the choice of a heater. The sauna heater is the heart of your sauna as it determines the whole feel of your sauna experience. There are plenty of options when it comes to choosing the right heater for your Forever Sauna. The common options include electric sauna heaters, wood-burning heaters, and gas stoves. Of the three options, electric sauna heaters are the most popular type of sauna heaters available.
Electric sauna heaters use electricity to heat elements that create the heat that is characteristic of a sauna. These heaters are clean and convenient. They operate in a similar way to an oven or kettle, using heating elements that are covered with rocks. The most popular electric sauna heaters are the Harvia KIP and HUUM Drop Heaters.

If you are considering using an electric sauna heater, you have come to the right place. This article will discuss everything you need to know about the best electric sauna heaters, including their benefits. Keep reading to learn more.

Benefits of Electric Sauna Heaters

The following are the benefits of using electric sauna heaters.

Fast Heating

One of the main reasons why electric sauna heaters are very popular and a favorite for many is because of their fast heating ability. The United States UL code has set the maximum temperature of an electric sauna heater at 194° F, and some models can reach that temperature in less than ten minutes. The heat-up time will depend on the size of the sauna and the ambient temperature.

If convenience and speed are a priority to you, an electric sauna heater is the way to go. Some electric sauna heater models can even be pre-programmed so your sauna is ready to use whenever you want. In addition, an electric sauna heater is much more conducive to being able to make minute changes in the temperature.

Affordable and Cost-Effective

Generally, using an electric sauna heater is cheaper and more cost-effective compared to most other types of sauna heaters, such as wood-fired sauna heaters. With an electric sauna heater, you do not need to install a chimney, so there are space and cost benefits. Sauna electric sauna heater models are even designed to be optimal in heat generation and moderate in power consumption.

The only drawback when it comes to the affordability of an electric sauna heater is that it uses electricity. While there are several varieties of electric heaters available, providing a range of price points that will suit any budget, it will still affect your utility bill. However, the priceless health benefits of having regular access to a sauna will make a higher electric bill worthwhile. You can lower the energy cost by lowering the temperature slightly.

Easy to Install

The electric sauna heater is relatively available. All you need to do is to plug in the sauna before your sauna session, and you will be able to enjoy your sessions without any further work. These saunas are not only relatively available, but they are easy to install. They are easier to install because they do not require a chimney pipe. In fact, one of the reasons why electric sauna heaters are a popular choice for residential saunas is because they are easier to install. They also work well in small spaces.

The main consideration when installing these heaters is that the supply will often need to be upgraded, something that is a walk in the park for a licensed electrician. While an electric sauna heater is easy to install, it is recommended to use a qualified installer, especially if you are not entirely confident in the process.

Low Maintenance Requirements

An electric sauna heater uses electricity to heat up the sauna rocks, emitting heat into the air. Unlike wood-burning sauna heaters, you do not need to stress yourself with stacking or chopping wood. In addition, these sauna heaters do not produce smoke or ash. This means you will hardly have a hard time trying to clean your sauna.

Electric sauna heaters are more durable and do not have many maintenance needs. They carry a low fire risk when installed properly, and since they do not release smoke, they do not require ventilation. Therefore, if you go for an electric sauna heater, you will not have a problem with your neighbors, who may complain about the quality of the air.


All About Harvia KIP Heaters



The Harvia KIP heater is a traditional wall-mounted sauna heater and one of the best options you can consider for a reliable electric sauna heater. This unique electric sauna heater comes with built-in controls to make everything simpler. The heater is constructed with stainless steel for durability and to resist corrosion, and its exterior is polished for added beauty. It also comes with a protective stone guard.

It has a large stone cavity for optimal heat dispersion, and its dual wall construction allows the exterior to remain cool to the touch. The heater’s right dial is the on/off control, along with a delay timer, while the left dial is used to control the temperature. You can set it to turn on up to 8 hours after it is set, and it will automatically shut off after 60 minutes of operation.


This electric sauna heater comes in different sizes: 4.5kW, 6kW, and 8kW. In addition, it includes 40 pounds of Harvia Sauna Stones and comes with a KIP installation manual.

All About HUUM Drop Heaters

The HUUM Drop heaters are also a popular option for an electric sauna heater. This adorable heater is inspired by a drop of water- the purest thing in nature. Its sleek and rounded design adds a touch of elegance to any sauna interior. However, this electric sauna heater is not just about looks. It can hold up to 55 kg/ 121 lbs of sauna stones, providing long-lasting steam that surpasses many traditional wood-burning stoves.

These electric sauna heaters are usually made of stainless steel. They are made with very small amounts of metal, so most heat comes mainly from the stones and only very little from the metal. With its superior appearance and impressive features, this sauna heater is a must-have for any sauna enthusiast. 

Supplemental Questions

Do electric saunas use a lot of electricity?

The cost of operating an electric sauna heater is very minimal. Most saunas operate on efficient 220-volt electricity and draw less than 30 amps of power. You can lower electricity consumption by lowering the temperatures. Besides, your sauna will only run when you want to use it.

How long can you stay in a sauna?

The general rule when using any sauna is to cap your time to between 15 and 20 minutes. Staying in a sauna for too long can lead to dehydration.


Electric sauna heaters are easy to use, have fast heating, are easy to install, and have low maintenance requirements. No matter which heater you choose for your Forever Sauna, you can be confident that you will enjoy your sauna sessions. For a great sauna experience, shop the collection of Forever Saunas now. Also, don’t forget to contact our team with any questions.

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