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Forever Sauna Electrical Requirements

Saunas are relaxing spaces offering many health benefits, such as muscle relaxation, stress reduction, detoxification, and improved blood circulation. If you plan to install a sauna in your home, selecting...

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Can a Sauna Help You Lose Weight?

Saunas have been used since historical times to offer humans many health benefits. They provide relaxation and rejuvenation and help to detoxify the body. Besides, a sauna session can help...

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All About Forever Sauna Heaters

Saunas have become increasingly popular over the past few years thanks to their undeniable positive effects on physical and mental health. A sauna can help you sweat out toxins, reduce...

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What Are Some Safe Sauna Exercises?

Sauna sessions can have many health benefits for your body. Sitting in a sauna increases your heart rate, and the blood vessels widen. This improves circulation, bringing nutrients and oxygen...

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Using Saunas for Better Health

Having regular sauna sessions have shown to be excellent for your health. Individuals with conditions such as common colds, exhaustion, or stress often feel better after having a sauna. We...

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What is Thermo-Wood?

When searching for the perfect sauna for your home, you will notice that select models are made of thermo-wood, especially with our fine Forever Saunas selections. Thermo-wood is the official...

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