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How to Get the Most Out of Your Sauna Sessions With Forever Saunas

Many people are aware of what a sauna is and are familiar with some of its health benefits. However, few of us know how to use a sauna properly to get the best results. 

Using a sauna has several health benefits, such as detoxification, weight loss, increased metabolism, reduced stress, and recovery of sore muscles. A sauna will also help to relax and rejuvenate your body and mind. However, these benefits can only be achieved if you know how to get the most out of your sauna sessions.

If you want to learn how to sauna correctly, you have come to the right place. This article will discuss everything you need to know about getting the most out of your sauna sessions with Forever Saunas. 

Tips For Getting The Most Out Of Your Sauna Sessions


Preparation is crucial for a good sauna session. The ideal sauna experience is not rushed. If you want to get the most out of your sauna sessions, you must set aside about 2 hours from start to finish. 

Preparing Your Forever Sauna

Whether you are using a wood-burning stove or an electric stove, you should start heating your Forever Sauna at least 45 minutes before your sessions. This will ensure that the rocks and interior space have been heated to the proper temperature. The thermostat should use anywhere between 180 and 200 degrees Fahrenheit. 

If you have a sauna with a wood-burning stove, you must ensure you have plenty of wood chopped beforehand. Also, you should fill up any water buckets beforehand, so you do not have to leave the heat of the sauna if you want to make a little bit of steam.

Preparing Yourself

You need to prepare your mind and body before starting your session. To prepare your body, you should drink plenty of water in the hours leading up to your sauna session. This will give your body time to thoroughly hydrate. Pre-hydrating is considered more effective than drinking water during the sauna session. Ideally, you can rinse off or take a shower beforehand as well. This will keep your sauna clean, remove dirt and perfumes, and prepare your skin for sweating. 

You should not enter the sauna on an empty stomach or if you are overly full. If you go in with an empty stomach, you might get nauseous and lightheaded. Likewise, going in just after a heavy meal is not advisable because all your blood will be flowing toward the stomach to help digest the meal. This affects the body’s overall circulation.

Therefore, the best food before a sauna session is a light snack. If you have eaten a heavy meal, you should wait at least two hours before entering your Forever Sauna.

The Sauna Session

Now that you and the sauna are prepared, you are ready to sauna like a pro! The key to getting the most out of your sauna sessions with Forever Saunas is to engage with the Nordic Cycle – that is, going from heat to cold back to heat and then back to the cool down. You should not rush the process and try to enjoy every bit of it.  

Round 1: Dry Heat

For the first round, the goal should be to heat your body evenly and thoroughly. Elevating your feet can help you achieve this. You should sit in dry heat for 10 to 15 minutes. Since sudden exposure to very high temperatures can shock your body, the gradual introduction is a perfect way to get used to the dry sauna environment.

It is recommended that you don’t create steam during this first round. Instead, just focus on relaxing your body in the hot sauna environment. 

Round 1: Cool-Down

After 10 to 15 minutes, you can take a break for about 15 minutes to cool down your body. Traditionally, you can cool down with a “plunge pool” or simply with a cold shower!

While it may sound uncomfortable, the cold will rejuvenate and refresh you after sitting in a hot sauna. Besides, you’re not done yet! We’re going to get back into the hot sauna environment after your body has cooled down for 15 minutes, and Round 2 will feel comforting and cozy.

Round 2: Heat + steam

For this round, you should be prepared to make steam by pouring water over the heated rocks. The process may be unpleasant at first. However, you will grow to appreciate it the more you sauna. The steam allows the hot air to heat your core efficiently and effectively. 

Some people use essential oils mixed with water to scent the steam. It offers extra relaxation and a stimulating sauna experience. If you are going to do this, you should have a separate bucket of water. 

If you plan to exfoliate or wash your body, the perfect time to do so is towards the end of this round or the next if you go three rounds. Your goal for this round is to get as hot as possible. Therefore, you should push your limits and stay in your sauna longer if you can. However, you must remember to listen to your body at all times.

Round 2: Cool-Down

Now leave your sauna and take a cool shower. Stay for a while; take it slow. At first, it may be difficult to catch your breath, which is normal – using a sauna is akin to working out and your body will feel like it! It takes time to slow your breathing.

Once you get out of the cool water, lie or sit down to finish the cooling process, and wait until your heart and slowed and your breathing has normalized. If you like, you can repeat the process over and over again. Many people can sauna for two to three rounds. However, experienced sauna users can repeat this process anywhere between four and six times each session. 

Post Sauna Care

Be sure you have cooled completely before getting dressed. While this may take some time, it will reduce your skin and core temperature. If you put on your clothes too soon, you will find you have been trapped in the heat and start to sweat. You should sweat in the sauna and not in your clothes.

In addition, you should rehydrate by drinking plenty of water after your sauna session. A 20-minute sauna session can make you lose a lot of water. Therefore, you will need to drink more than you think. Fruit juices and herbal teas are excellent beverages to replace minerals and fluids lost through sweat. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Does a Sauna Detox Your Body?

A sauna session can help you detox and remove toxins from your body through sweating.

What Should You Not Do In a Sauna?

You should not use a sauna when you are sick. You should also avoid alcoholic beverages and heavy meals.  If you have an existing medical condition, you should consult your doctor before using a sauna. If you feel unwell or ill during your sauna session, you should step out as soon as possible.

Can You Exercise in a Sauna?

Yes, you can do hot yoga, stretching, breathing exercises and meditation. Just be sure not to exert yourself too much.

Should You be Wet or Dry Before the Sauna?

Ideally you rinse and dry off before your sauna session. Dry skin tends to sweat faster than moist skin. 

Does a Sauna Burn Calories?

Yes, a sauna can help the body burn calories. When your body’s core temperature rises while using your sauna, the body attempts to regulate its temperature, resulting in burned calories. 


What you have read here are the basics to getting the most out of your sauna session with Forever Saunas.  If you want to know more about getting the most out of your sauna sessions, you can visit a related blog “How to Sauna Like a Pro” at My Sauna World to learn more. If you are looking for the best thermally modified wood saunas available to enjoy your sauna sessions, please browse our collection of Forever Saunas. We have an amazing collection of barrel saunas, starting from two to spacious six-person sauna cabins so you can relax and lounge. 

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