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What's So Special About Barrel Saunas?

Early saunas are nothing more than log huts with stone stoves and fire pits. Modern sauna cabins come in unique shapes and sizes, ranging from relatively modern glass-walled cabins to traditional models that look like small cabins, or even barrel-shaped, which is a more recent trend. Many customers find barrel saunas appealing since it reminds them of country wine and whiskey casks. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a wooden cask hut in your place?

However, there is more to these designs than just visual appeal! They also have certain advantages. Barrel saunas are good because they have a smaller footprint than other designs, so you can also install them indoors. 

Do note that every design has its own merits. Your chosen sauna design should fit nicely in your space and accommodate your needs. To help you decide, we will discuss barrel saunas and why they might be a good choice for your home.

The Unique Advantages of Barrel Saunas

One remarkable thing about barrel saunas is that they look aesthetically pleasing. In industrial design, round and elliptical shapes represent ‘wholeness’ due to the lack of corners. Wooden casks, for instance, look inviting and jovial since they are first used for wines and beers. Wood barrels look more rustic than mechanical, so they are fit for living spaces. 

Therefore, having a barrel sauna evokes an enticing, welcoming vibe to your home. That is especially true if you put your cabin in an outdoor space filled with plants or near a water feature such as a fountain. Use it to add a whimsical touch to your lawn or yard!

Enough of the aesthetics. Another notable advantage of barrel saunas is their structural durability. Well-built ones are solid and inherently watertight similar to those wooden casks of the age of sail. They also naturally shed water due to their shape and are ideal for outdoor use.

Because of their round shape, barrel saunas heat up quickly compared to other designs. Steam builds up quickly due to the lack of corners, so you can use it after just a short wait. The less wait time saves energy and means it costs less in the long run. 

Barrel-type saunas, like our Forever Saunas line, are naturally airtight and resistant to temperature changes, so summers and winters will not be a problem. Our saunas are made of durable, heat-treated spruce, which has good insect resistance. The benches are made of smoothly finished aspen, with a lovely subtle forest scent for a genuine experience. 

Another Notable Advantage is Space

Another thing about well-designed barrel saunas is that they are spacious compared to square sauna cabins. Some users may find small saunas too suffocating and make them feel like they are inside a box. No one wants to have a sauna session in a small, claustrophobic space that may heat up uncomfortably. Since barrel saunas have no corners, there is more space for the seats and the stove, plus some headroom to spare.  

A spacious sauna can mean a lot. There is more room to sit and lounge around. You can use the sauna with your family or friends, or a few users can lounge around. Everyone has space to move. Larger saunas can house more steam and have a better temperature gradient; the higher levels tend to be hotter since heat rises. In addition, some barrel sauna models have windows so the bathers can enjoy awesome outdoor views and natural sunlight. 

Which is Perfect for My Home?

When choosing a sauna, you should also consider your available space and the availability of a suitable electrical outlet (most saunas need a circuit breaker). How many users would use the sauna? You might want a larger cabin to have more room to move about.

You might have a spot inside your home for an indoor sauna or a spacious backyard with space for a barrel sauna. You may have a well-manicured garden, a swimming pool, or a rock waterfall. Then a barrel sauna with a glass door and a rear window might be for you. Be reminded that choosing your sauna is up to you. It should be convenient and fit your taste. 

Take the Next Steps to Relax In Your Very Own Barrel Sauna 

Barrel saunas are good choices because it accentuates the look of your space. Most are spacious, yet it has a small exterior footprint. They might be a perfect fit for those who want something other than a square sauna cabin or for those who have an outdoor spot. It is naturally airtight and has more interior space. If you want a durable sauna that can be left outdoors with little maintenance, a barrel sauna might be for you.

Do you think about your very own sauna in your home? Stop waiting and take the next step closer to your sauna cabin by calling us. You will love our collection of barrel-shaped Forever Saunas, some large enough to house several bathers and with windows for awesome outdoor views. 

Our barrel cabins are also easy to assemble, being made of lightweight spruce wood. Two people can easily build the sauna in half a day, so you can use it almost right away after

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